BIA Resources

Toronto Hydro Civil Work: Front Street West and John Street

Location: John St., Wellington St. W., Front St.W.

Expected Timeline: January - April 2023

Location: Adelaide St. (Bathurst St. to Parliament St.)

Expected Timeline:

Simcoe St. & Front St. PATH Tunnel Construction

Location: Simcoe Street will be closed to northbound and southbound vehicular traffic, from Front Street to Wellington Street - with the exception of vehicles which need to access the SPL/RBCC loading dock. Wellington Street will also be closed to eastbound vehicular traffic from John Street to Simcoe Street. Please note, Wellington Street will remain open to westbound traffic.

Expected Timeline: August 21, 2021 - January 2023

Filming Notifications

Location: Various Locations

Expected Timeline: Various Times

Events Updates

Location: Various Locations

Expected Timeline: Various Times

Location: University Avenue between Queen Street West to Armoury Street

Expected Timeline: January 27 until January 30, 2023

Upcoming Metrolinx Ontario Line work in your area

Location: Various Locations

Expected Timeline: 2022 - 2029

Metrolinx: Ontario Line General Updates

Location: Various Locations

Expected Timeline: Ongoing

Yonge Street Closure

Location: Yonge Street from Lake Shore Boulevard to Front Street, & Access to Yonge Street from the westbound Gardiner off-ramp will also be closed

Expected Timeline: October 28 - Early December 2022

Location: The boundaries for the project include Queen Street West (North), Simcoe Street (East), Front Street West (South), and Brant Street (West).

Expected Timeline: September 2022 – December 2023

Museum Station Easier Access & Second Entrance/Exit Project

Location: Museum Station

Expected Timeline: August 15, 2022 - the end of 2024.

Location: The boundaries for the project include Adelaide Street West (North), Charlotte Street (East), Oxley Street (South), and Spadina Avenue (West).

Expected Timeline: May 2022 - December 2022

Location: Wellington Street from Strachan Avenue to Blue Jays Way

Expected Timeline: July 2022 - July 2023

Location: Lower Simcoe Street and Bremner Boulevard

Expected Timeline: December 2021 – Winter 2023, Weekdays, 7PM - 6AM

Lower Simcoe and Waterfront Flood Mitigation Work

Location: Lower Simcoe

Expected Timeline: N/A

Upcoming Conferences and Conventions

Interior Design Show 2023

  • Date: January 19-22
  • Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Attendance: 35,000+

Toronto International Boat Show 2023

  • Date: January 20-29
  • Location: Enercare Centre
  • Attendance: 70,000+

OLA Super Conference 2023

  • Date: February 1- 4
  • Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Canadian International Auto Show 2023

  • Date: February 17- 26
  • Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Attendance: 360,000

Real Capital 2023

  • Date: February 23
  • Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Attendance: 650

PDAC 2023 International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange

  • March 5-8
  • Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Attendance: 30,000 +

National Home Show

  • March 10-19
  • Location: Enercare Centre
  • Attendance: 200,000 

Toronto Comicon 2023

  • March 17-19
  • Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Attendance: 30,000 +

American Counseling Association Annual Conference & Expo 2023

  • March 31-April 1
  • Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Attendance: 5,000 

TO Food and Drink Fest

  • March 31-April 2
  • Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Attendance: 200,000 



John Street Construction Meeting

John Street Stakeholders:

Please see below briefing notes from September 2022 meeting with the City. 

Meeting Date:

September 15, 2022

Meeting attendees:

  • TDW BIA: Janice Solomon, Anojan Sathasivam
  • City: (BIA Office) Pauline Ho, (TS) Cassidy Ritz
  • THESL: Francis Szto
  • DPM: Mike Gentile
  • DIALOG: Bryce Miranda
  • MBII: Paul Boken, Alan McIntosh; Gillian Wright

Items discussed:

  1. DIALOG and MBII presentation
  • DIALOG and MBII has been working directly with the BIA on the catenary system on concepts, feasibility, case studies and potential layouts.
  • Review base system with twinkle lights and explored various methods and feature elements. Don’t know what the final load is. As design process, weight needs to be accounted such as snow/ice accumulation.
  • Catenary section study: Based on 5m overhead clearance with a 5% sag, proposed design modifications to shift catenary above BIA banners.
  • The system that the design team is looking at is quick connect type throughout the entire corridor except for intersections.
  • DPM suggested for Transportation Services to review and comment on the 5m clearance.
  • DIALOG to circulate the presentation to the group.
  • Transportation Services noted on any design changes including modification of where catenary system/banners sit on the pole has to be reflected in the design refresh in advancing the lighting agreement with various partners.
  • Toronto Hydro noted with the area being mixed use including residential, it usually generate a lot of public concerns. An important point to consider with the elements associated with the catenary system.
  • DPM noted the catenary system will be part of the BIA dedicated supply, not directly from the grid.
  • DPM noted power centre power load is 200 amp service and should suffice. Will review and confirm.
  • DIALOG is finalizing the visualization and studies. Working with DPM and will wait for this group’s feedback.
  • Transportation Services noted on the proposed system and the City’s O&M. Continual discussions will be needed.
  1. Toronto Hydro construction progress:
  • Received latest Toronto Hydro updates on September 23, 2022.
  • Construction at John and Wellington. South along John St. to Front St. Wrap up by end of October.
  • Last few weeks needed to make accommodation for Water Main project at Wellington and for TIFF.
  • Last week shut down took out 2 crews on Thur/Fri for TIFF to set up staging at Metro Hall. Have not heard issues and assumes all went well and acceptable with TIFF. 
  • Have slight concern with Hydro’s schedule and may request City’s work zone coordinator to allow some work on Saturday.
  • Toronto Hydro has made request to send out invoices to the BIA Office.
  1. Update from The City
  • New senior PM who has dealt with special lighting projects at Portland has been assigned to move ahead with the John Street agreement.
  • Transportation Services noted that Scott has updated quotes and has some questions for the consultants. Cassidy will touch base with ECS and TW on timing.
  • The project will be phased implementation and noted challenges with Ontario Line’s (OL) enabling work.
  • The City noted that Angela Haynes from the BIA Office is the support liaison for OL.
  1.     Progress of Tender drawings
  • DPM needs information to further progress and coordinate final cabinet locations. City to follow up with BIA and DPM.
  • Based on upcoming design decisions with the catenary system, the bulk to progress is with catenary.
  • When Hydro work is complete, BIA Office to request DPM to conduct an As-built review.
  1.     BIA
  • BIA to circle back re: maximizing the utilization of the Fed Dev fund and explore leveraging opportunity. City to check internally on any precedents in the past. 
  1. Next meeting: October 13, 2022 at 2pm


Retail Strategy

The Strategy is designed to inspire high quality, unique retail in the neighbourhood, creating destination streets for tourists, residents, and the local employment base.

Growth and Development Framework

The Downtown West BIA’s Growth and Development Framework focuses on those elements that have the greatest impact on the ‘experience’ of the area: the Pedestrian Realm and Parks, Streetscapes and Uses at Grade.