John St. Corridor Improvements – Phase 3

The Design Manager was on site yesterday and changes are highlighted in bold below:

Entera has deployed 4 civil crews on John St. civil construction this week and will maintain current resource level in the coming week.

Traffic updates: (No changes to traffic setup except due to limited construction spaces for heavy machineries, the traffic lanes next to construction areas might be closed for short duration in the working hours for heavy machineries movement or temporary work, traffic control person or paid duty officers would assist with temporary lane closure)

  • Traffic on John St., north of King St. W. has been reopened and the east/west pedestrian crossings at the John St. and King St. W. intersection are fully opened
  • Entera has closed off one westbound lanes on Wellington for material staging
  • Wellington St. W., west of John St. has been cleaned up as per City request for the City John St-22-04SU contract
  • Due to the closure of Simcoe at Wellington by other project on Simcoe between Front and Wellington, the eastbound lane on Wellington between John and Simcoe is closed and Entera has used the closed lane for work vehicle parking
  • Both, north and southbound lanes on John St., between Front St. and Wellington St. are opened with the traffic lanes shifted to the east side of the street to allow for main ductbank construction on the west side of the street
  • On John St., between Mercer and Wellington, the two southbound lanes are closed for main trenching construction and the two northbound lanes have been reconfigured to 1 northbound and 1 southbound lane with occasional closure of northbound lane due heavy machinery and backhoe operation
  • Both, northbound and southbound traffic are maintained on John St., from Front St. to King St. with some lane reconfiguration and shifting
  • No issue with paid duty police officers this week except only one officer was available on Sept 1, 2022

Construction update: (Changes to construction setup and excavation areas)

  • A total of 4 crews are working on site this week and there will be 4 crews working on site next week
  • One crews is working on the new cable chamber at the intersection of John St. and Wellington St. W.
  • Three crews are working on main trenching on John St., between Front St. and Wellington St. but will maintain Hydro One eastern gate access at all time
  • Areas west of John St., on Wellington St. W. will be clear of all construction staging material at the request of the City of Toronto Work Zone Coordinator John Kowalenko in preparation of the City performing watermain work west of John St. on Wellington St. W.
  • Clean up in the areas on John St., near Mercer St. is continuing in preparation of TIFF early September. Arrangements have been made for TIFF stage setup and trailer parking starting Sept 2, 2022 and onward until TIFF 2022 is concluded
  • Entera and TH met with City of Toronto Work Zone Coordinator John Kowalenko and City/TIFF working team on the staging of TIFF in late August and early September. Tentative arrangements have been made. Details on the staging outside Metro Hall and parking will be provided by the City/TIFF working team. Entera crews have completed the clean up of material staging areas east and west of John St., on Wellington St. W. in preparation of TIFF and City Watermain project
  • 2 Paid duty officers are requested and deployed at John and Front St. W. and John and Wellington St. W. when available. No issue with paid duty police officers this week except only one officer was available on Sept 1, 2022.

Site Improvement:

  • John St crews are COVID free.

Work is scheduled between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday from August 2021 – September 2022.
For complete details click here.

If you have any questions of comments regarding the Toronto Hydro work along John Street, please contact:

Toronto Hydro is rebuilding the electrical distribution system in your community to improve the reliability of your electrical service. The rebuild includes the replacement of existing electrical cables within the city-owned property near your lot. The work will take place in conjunction with the City of Toronto’s planned reconstruction to improve the John Street Corridor as part of the Council-endorsed “Cultural Corridor.”

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