City of Toronto: Flood Mitigation Overnight Site Work at Lower Simcoe Street and Bremner Boulevard

Timeline: December 2021 – Winter 2023

The notice has been revised with the following changes:

  • Borehole work will start next week and be completed by end of December
  • A temporary separated cycle track will be created around the work site
  • Traffic will use the centre lane to also detour around the site
  • If the work site needs the entire curb lane, the temporary cycle track will use the centre lane and traffic will use the northbound left-turn lane
  • Overnight work will start later on dates with large/arena events

In preparation for the Inner Harbour West Tunnel of the Don River and Central Waterfront Wet Weather Flow System, the City of Toronto will be carrying out site investigations to determine soil, rock and groundwater conditions, and confirm below ground utilities at multiple locations across the downtown waterfront, including the west side of Lower Simcoe Street south of Bremner Boulevard. Boreholes and monitoring wells for groundwater conditions will be installed between December 2021 and January 2022, they will undergo a monitoring period and be removed by Winter 2023. These boreholes are required to develop engineering designs for future construction of the Inner Harbour West Tunnel.

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Traffic Impact:

  • Southbound Cyclists & Traffic on Lower Simcoe: Please detour around the work site and merge with traffic.
  • Daytime: Cycle track and curb lane of traffic will be open.

Work Hours:
Weekdays, 7PM – 6AM

Map of Site Work:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Caroline Kaars Sijpesteijn