The Toronto Police Service has just been advised by the Toronto Police Association that paid duty rates for 2018 will increase. Paid duties occurring on or after January 1, 2018 will be charged at the new rates:

Constable             $71.00 per hour          (minimum $213.00)
Sergeants             $81.00 per hour          (minimum $243.00)
Staff Sergeants      $90.00 per hour         (minimum $270.00)

The paid duty administrative fee will remain at 15%. There will be no increase in rental rate for the vehicle and equipment. 13% HST will be applied to the entire paid duty cost. These charges will continue to be invoiced to customers after the duty has occurred.

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BIA Name Change To Toronto Downtown West BIA

Since 2008, the Toronto Entertainment District along with the area west from Spadina Ave. to Bathurst St. has experienced a significant transformation. A name change to Toronto Downtown West BIA provides the BIA with a more inclusive representation of the business members. The BIA will continue to support members interested in using the name Toronto Entertainment District for promotional purposes where applicable (Toronto Entertainment District is Official Marked with the BIA).

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