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Hearing more and more about green organizations?

Activist Greta Thunberg as Time Magazine’s pick for Person of the Year in 2019. Protests all over the world calling for action against climate change. Brands implementing ‘green’ strategies.

To call green organizations a hot topic would be a huge understatement.

We’ve been hearing talk of an environmental shift for what seems like decades, but with very little measures taken by political and economic leaders – it’s escalated into a full-blown crisis.

There is work to be done and every one of us has a role to play. With green organizations like Ontario Nature and Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) in the Toronto Entertainment District, we can all start locally.


Green Organizations


214 King St. W Suite 612
(416) 444-8419


Ontario Nature’s humble beginnings as the Federation of Ontario Naturalists (FON) dates back to 1931 – almost 90 years ago! Seven clubs and 28 members came together to create FON. 30,000 more members and 150 groups later, its commitment to preserve wildlife is still held by Ontario Nature to this day.

As a conservation organization, Ontario Nature works against climate change by protecting wild species and spaces through conservation, education and public engagement. In recent years, they were even apart of an effort resulting in a successful ban on the hunting of snapping turtles. #SaveTheTurtles, right?

Ontario Nature currently maintains 25 nature reserves across Ontario, publishes a quarterly magazine called ON Nature, and stands up for wildlife with various campaigns focusing on migratory birds, pollinators, Ontario’s wetlands, and many other environmental concerns. With all wildlife hugely affected by the climate crisis, it is truly a champion for Ontario’s nature.

For those interested in protecting the places we love, you can take action by joining its mailing list for starters. You can become an advocate by signing its many petitions or The Protected Places Declaration which calls for protected areas identification and management processes that respect the right of Indigenous Peoples to free, prior and informed consent. By signing the declaration, you’re taking action towards meeting Ontario Nature’s commitment to protect at least 17 per cent of lands and inland waters.


Keep fighting the good fight – we’re cheering you on!


Green Organizations


30 Duncan St.
(416) 596-0660


Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA), as you can probably tell, gives a voice to environmental issues we’re facing municipally. Since the late 1980s, it’s been our city’s knight in shining green armour; advocating for a healthier, greener Toronto. And it’s been successful, time and time again.

The city’s Green Bin program? TEA.

The ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides on lawns? TEA.

The Community Right to Know Bylaw? TEA.

Toronto City Council declaring a climate emergency in October 2019? Yup, you guessed it. TEA helped with that.

TEA continues to empower Toronto City Council to follow its commitments promised to fast-track emission reductions, critical climate funding, building equity and inclusion and ensuring meaningful resident participation.

To commit to its own goals, Toronto Environmental Alliance focuses on the issues of Air Quality, Climate Change, Toxics and Urban Pesticides, Waste Reduction – problems needed to be solved both locally and globally – and Greenbelting Toronto.

As Toronto’s environmental watchdog at City Hall, it’s advocating on behalf of us all!

But it’s time we all get involved. TEA makes it as easy as a click of a button to stay in its loop of initiatives and events. If you want to see a greener Toronto, we urge you to sign up for its newsletter where you’ll receive breaking news on key issues and action alerts.

You can help our planet go green right here in the Toronto Entertainment District! Advocating for the environment starts locally, and organizations like Ontario Nature and Toronto Environmental Alliance make that possible. Climate action is needed now more than ever before – so don’t wait to get involved.

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