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TOcore is an initiative to prepare a Secondary Plan for Toronto’s Downtown with a series of six infrastructure-related strategies or assessments. It is a comprehensive and integrated look at Toronto’s Downtown and its relationship to the city and region around it.


Downtown’s Vision & Guiding Principles

Policy Directions

The East Precinct of the King-Spadina Secondary Plan Area is bounded by Front Street West to the south, Richmond Street West to the north, Simcoe and John Streets to the east, and Spadina Avenue to the west.

This area has been experiencing significant growth pressure resulting in development proposals that considerably exceed the height and intensity of development envisioned by the Official Plan or permitted in the Zoning By-law.

This study is looking at the Planning Policy Framework, Urban Design Guidelines, Zoning By-law, and Community Improvement Plan.



The City is undertaking a King Street Pilot Study (formerly called the King Street Visioning Study) to explore bold, transformative ideas for how to redesign King Street in order to move people more effectively, improve place-making and support economic prosperity.



The King-Spadina Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Study was authorized by City Council on October 2, 2012. The HCD Study encompasses a 40-hectare area in the southwestern section of downtown Toronto that contains 394 properties.

The purpose of the HCD Study is to understand the history, evolution and context of an area in order to analyze the character. Then, a determination can be made as to the cultural heritage values that warrant protection as one or more HCDs under Ontario Heritage Act (OHA), Part V. The HCD Study specifies the district boundaries as well as its heritage values and attributes, and is conducted and approved prior to initiation of an HCD Plan. The King-Spadina HCD Study commenced in April 2013.



The Annual Report outlines the BIA’s vision and objectives and provides highlights of 2016 projects and initiatives.



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